Take advantage of all the company’s resources

Vitani Building Control offers demand controlled solutions for many segments. The solutions helps your company be as productive as possible through energy- and timesaving aids that increases well-being among employees, crafts and students. You will have time for your main business instead of thinking about wasted resources.

Building Control’s focus is to optimize the entire building making sure that not too much energy is wasted. The demand controlled system adapts to the behavior of the users and ventilation and heat control works together. If a window is open, the climate control will not heat up and at night, the temperature will stay low, to waste as less energy as possible. Additionally fees will be avoided due to heat regulation of the water that goes back to the water central.

We offer the following solutions:

Managing zones

All systems will be integrated for easy management of ventilation and heat.

Managing ventilation

Moisture, cool and heat are controlled by the ventilation facility to optimize the indoor climate as much as possible.

Managing district heat exchanger

Avoid fines due to too hot return water – the managing system is making sure the temperature doesn’t exceeds maximum.

Managing heat pump
  • Storage Tank Management
Energy storage
  • Energy optimisation
  • Monitoring of consumption and effect
  • Inventory management

In collaboration with a number of partners, we implement technical solutions customized to the company’s needs and makes sure that your resources are integrated and exploited the best possible way.

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