When policies vary, adapt easily.

AEOS has a unique software-based approach. This means you can change your system’s functionality and security levels using software
alone, making it easier and more cost-effective to adapt to changing rules and regulations.

Focus on what your company is good at.

In a busy office we know that it can be hard to find the time to constantly keep authorisations and cards up to date in the entire lifecycle of the card.
In AEOS, authorisations are assigned to people instead of cards.
This stops people with several cards accruing numerous profiles, and prevents your system getting cluttered. It enables you to link multiple types of identification to
each person so that, when their authorisations change, the changes apply to all types of identification at once.
Efficiency in the enrolment process is improved as AEOS links to multiple devices, including biometric enrolment devices, passport scanners, badge readers and webcams.

Segments within this industry

  • Lawyer
  • Accountant