High Security

Protecting your physical access control system.

Often, companies don’t view access control systems as IT systems connected to a network.
So the security principles used in IT haven’t yet been imposed on physical access control systems. This oversight leaves these
companies vulnerable to cyber attacks that can have a dramatic impact.

Do your company  have extra need for at high level of security? Then you probably also needs to protect your information and data from end-to-end in your access control system.
By applying the latest principles of encryption and strong authentication used in IT, it achieves secure communication between and storage in all elements of the AEOS access control system.
This increases security from end-to-end, and enables instant recovery if keys are compromised.

Protection against both physical and digital attacks.

The end-to-end security solution means secure communication between all elements of the system. This end-to-end security offered by AEOS gives high levels of protection against both physical and digital attacks.

AEOS end-to-end security meets a variety of security requirements across Europe, and is already being used to protect critical infrastructures in several countries.

Read more and download our Nedap End-to-End Security Brochure.

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