One security system for global and local compliance.

You’ll understand the challenge of ensuring a consistent global security policy and keeping control over all sites while accommodating local regulations and compliance. Standardising security through our AEOS security management platform, however, gives this assurance. AEOS enables standardisation of the physical aspects of your security system across your organisation, throughout the world. You will have central control to set, adjust and monitor compliance of your policies, and local control to make changes to suit local requirements.

Hardly any company is capable of changing their entire global security system at the same time.

We know the implementation of a standardised security solution across all of your sites is a complex process. That is why we have setup a carefully designed Global Client Programme. Our well-structured programme ensures you benefit from a controlled, well-aligned rollout. With the experience to guide and align global projects, Nedap takes full responsibility throughout the duration of the programme. The Programme facilitates and governs the entire implementation process enabling you to get the most out of your investment in the AEOS platform.

With partners in more than 47 countries we offer global handling of you access control, intrusion and video management.
The implementation of the AEOS platform in more than 47 countries is your guarantee for consistent delivery and local support.