No compromise for you or your clients.

We appreciate that, particularly for financial institutions, client confidence relies on security being uncompromised – even for a second. AEOS enables you to achieve watertight security to protect your clients’ information and your company’s reputation. You can easily activate pre-defined rules for various zones, rooms or scenarios. If confidential information is being discussed in a meeting, for example, you can quickly set access rights so only authorised people can enter the room. You can also set rules such as chief first, where a supervisor must present their access card first so no one can enter without supervision.

Central control for local safety.

AEOS simplifies security for regional branches and offices too. Your security policy is implemented locally, while you control it centrally and receive notifications if it’s not complied with. You can easily equip every office with AEOS access control, video management and intrusion detection. So, if an alarm goes off in a regional office, you can instantly see relevant footage and who entered and left the area, even if you’re at head office. You can also reduce the number of false alarms by combining access control with intrusion detection. Doors remain locked when the alarm is being switched on so no one can set it off accidentally.

Segments within this industry

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