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With three business areas and more than a decade of experience within Security Management, Energy Management and Building Automation,

Are you keeping up?

We live in an increasingly intelligent world and our focus on smart buildings is only increasing.
Together with our customers, we provide customized solutions that ensure that companies follow the technological development.

Vitani Group

Vitani Security

Vitani Security is your collaborator and your secure choice for modern security solutions. For more than a decade, we have helped companies create customized access control solutions based on open standards.

Vitani Energy Systems

With innovative IoT solutions for building monitoring, remote reading and visualization, the OMEGA platform is your optimal way to professional energy management, energy monitoring, space management, CSR reporting and tax documentation.

Vitani Building Control

With years of CTS experience, we can reduce your energy consumption, energy waste and your resource costs.
Building automation, based on just your needs, optimizes and makes your building intelligent.