A better use of your resources with a CTS plant

We work with buildingautomation, where we based on many years of experience with building management systems makes buildings intelligent and reduce our customers’ consumption and resource costs.
CTS is an abbreviation for Central Management System. A plant consists of intelligent devices connected together in a network for the management of a buildings technical installations such as ventilation, heating and cooling etc. It focus on optimal operation and management to give you and your business comfort, energy- and time saving devices in a busy life, while you focus on your core business.

Is a green profile and sustainable development on your agenda

It is all about taking responsibility for the results of what we do here and now. We want to help you do just that!

We see buildings as a technical solution that should be adjusted to user behavior and where systems are adapted to customer needs and not vice versa. Therefore, you will also experience a variety of unique and innovative ways of looking at the building’s comfort and technical solutions. In close collaboration with several partners, we implement solutions that ensure your resources are integrated and used the best way to:

Managing zones
  • Integration of all your systems
  • Ventilation
  • Heat
Managing ventilation
  • An imporvement of comfort and indoor climate
  • Heat
  • Cool
  • Moisture
Managing District Heat Exchanger
  • Max return temperature control
  • Integration with energy consumers in the installation
Managing Heat Pump
  • Storage Tank Management
Energy Storage
  • Energy optimisation
  • Monitoring of consumption and effect
  • Inventory management

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