Utilities and Supply

React quickly – even from distance

Both you and us is all too aware that an intrusion on your premises can have disastrous consequences – from contaminated water to large-scale power failure or leaked data. And, as many of your premises may be in remote locations with low staffing levels, protecting employees will be high on your priorities too. AEOS enables you to integrate access control, intrusion detection and video management. So you can easily control and monitor all your sites, interpret events quickly and accurately, produce a roll call of who’s present where and take action immediately.

Control everything from one place

The intuitive AEOS dashboard gives you a clear view of activity on all your sites, from one location. You have central control to monitor access and can instantly activate extra security measures on any site when needed. You can set up your system with pre-defined rules such as no employee being able to enter a building on their own. And, whenever someone leaves your employment, all their authorisations are removed automatically. AEOS keeps things simple, efficient and very secure and is the ideal platform for protecting a country’s critical national infrastructure.

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