Keep access control cards constantly up-to-date

If you’re from a large organisation, where people are always joining, changing roles and leaving, keeping access rights updated is probably an ongoing challenge.
By linking AEOS to your HR system, you can significantly reduce administration and vastly improve security. As soon as someone’s HR record changes AEOS automatically updates their card.

Prevent unauthorised access

If there’s a threat to your security, AEOS alerts you immediately and enables you to quickly take extra measures to prevent unauthorised access. It also helps you map and manage emergency situations and quickly provides a roll call of who’s in the building. AEOS tracks people’s movements and enables you to control the flow by allowing or blocking access to certain routes.
Plus, you can design pre-defined settings for scenarios such as fires, and activate them at the touch of a button to speed up your response.

Segments within this industry

  • Industry production
  • Food production
  • Medical Industry