When safety comes first.

If you’re managing security at a busy hospital or nursing home, maybe with thousands of visitors daily, AEOS gives the flexibility you need to keep control of access and the flow of people. You can easily set security zones for different spaces, such as wards, operating theatres and medicine cabinets. And you can define authorisations for different groups of people, such as surgeons, nurses and visitors. If there’s an emergency, you can instantly give staff priority for accessing lifts and open all the doors on the way to a vacant operating theatre.

A clear overview for easier management.

High security and fast access are extremely important for hospitals and care centres, yet many have outdated security solutions. Do you struggle with separate systems for access control, intrusion detection, video management and lockers? AEOS gives you one open platform onto which you can integrate your current systems and retain previous investments. Staff can use the same card for entering protected zones, locking medicine cabinets and opening lockers. There’s no complex key control and you can quickly change permissions when you need to. It gives a clear overview of everything, making things far simpler to manage and giving you much greater control.

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