Education and Associations

Everything under control with AEOS.

Managing an institution’s security can be challenging, we know, but AEOS simplifies things. You issue just one card per person for access to everything from zones to rooms, lockers and cabinets. There’s no complex key control and you can easily vary security zones. Because AEOS links to your student database, you can change authorisations centrally and automatically without recalling cards. At the end of term you can revoke access rights instantly and automatically and update cards with new authorisations at the start of the next one.

AEOS not only helps you increase security, it simplifies your workload. When AEOS is linked to your administrative database you can easily import data instead of entering it manually. And you can set changes in access rights to happen automatically as persons move through the years, and are granted access to different areas, or change circumstances. By integrating access control, video management, intrusion detection and locker management on AEOS you have a system that’s easy to manage and gives you complete control.

Segments within this industry

  • Education
  • Housing Association and Housing Administration
  • Centers and trade associations
  • Sports Centres and Associations